Increase Libido

Increase Libido

The newspaper artcile about pomegranates and libido.The Daily Sun, UK’s most read newspaper recently printed an artcile on the effect of pomegranates on libido.

The research showed that merely by drinking one glass of juice a day, the erection quality of volunteers was drastically improved.

Imagine what happens when you enlist the help of Forskolin with it’s amazing Pomegranate 70% Ellagic which is the equivalent in strength to nearly 500 glasses of pomegranate juice.

Your Libido will be sky high.The Male Libido.It is not unusual for males to experience a drop in their libido’s. There are a number of factors which can cause a libido drop which include stress, sickness, ill health, poor blood circulation and of course the aging process.

While it is normal for this drop to occur, it is never desirable and so Male Extra has developed the perfect formulation to help you to boost your libido by up to 200%.

The ingredients contained in ED pills were specially chosen for their abilities to enhance the libido and create the right conditions for you to experience a drastically improved and fulfilling sex life.

In fact, Male Extra places so much importance on a good sex life for men that they have secured some extra’s for you that will literally blow your mind and take you from being a once a month or once a week average performer, to being a stud on duty.

You have to realise that many men do have their libido affected due to personal reasons such as penis size and performance anxiety. Now when you use the Male Extra system to increase your libido, you will also get fee access to Penis Health which is a leading penis exercise program designed to improve your penis size, erection quality and performance. Did you know that as many as 79% of women said that they wished that their husbands were a little bigger.

Penis Health has assisted nearly 100 000 men to overcome premature ejaculation and to increase their penis size by as much as 3″ in length and girth. Now when you use a supplement such as the Male Extra Pill, the blood flow to your penis is vastly enhanced so this creates the perfect grounds for rapid penis enlargement by the use of exercises. In fact these two programs work best when complementing each other and that is why you get free online access and a full DVD from Penis Health with your very first order of Male Extra so that you are guaranteed vast improvements in libido, erection firmness and penis size.Male OrgasmsMind Blowing Orgasms

Male Extra has another little surprise for you. The cherry on the top of sex is always the orgasm and a ordinary or substandard orgasm is often an anti-climax to sex.

The pleasurable male orgasm feelings are as a result of the contractions of the penile and surrounding muscles as they prepare to expel the semen from your body. What will happen if there is an increase in the volume of semen to expel? well simply put your contractions will have to be harder, more intense and last longer so when your semen quantity is increased by up to 500% by the amazing Male Extra system, you are going to start to experience mind shattering orgasms and even possibly multilple male orgasms as some of the users have already experienced.Male extra is really going to change your life for the better.

Increase your libido and penis size while enjoying mind shattering orgasms that are longer and more frequent.

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