Men would do anything to flaunt penile endowment. Those who are not that satisfied would try out different methods to augment their sizes. Penile size matters for many men and their sexual partners. However, there are ways not recommended to enhance penile size. One way or method for penile enlargement that is considered harmful is the use of penis pumps.

ANATOMY OF ERECTION.  The penis is made up of 2 kinds of muscles, the corpus cavernosus (which is paired) and the corpus spongiosum. During sexual stimulation, these penile muscles relax and blood flows to the “cavernous” and “spongy” muscles. The blood is trapped in the penile muscles and this causes penis to become erect. The process proceeds in a reverse fashion after the erection that makes it to become flaccid.
WHAT HAPPENS WITH PENIS PUMP? When a man uses a penis pump, it is attached to his penis and a vacuum is created to cause an artificial stimulation of blood to flow to the penile muscles. When the pump is used inappropriately like when there is a rapid increase in vacuum pressure, the blood flow is also increased in an untimely manner and may rupture vascular structures in the penis. This may cause hematoma or blood clots and may be very devastating to the entire penile structure.

WHAT CAN I DO TO PREVENT THIS DANGER? A safer way to enhance penile size is by taking supplements in tablet forms. Mechanical damage to penile structure is avoided when you take oral supplements rather than using pumps. A wise decision in choosing the right kind of pill should also be considered in order to achieve desired results.
There are a lot of medications out in the market today that promise penile size enhancement. However, ExtenZe® Male Enhancement Supplement provides not only penile enlargement but overall enhanced virility as well. With more than aphrodisiac contents, ExtenZe® includes essential nutrients that aid in good blood cell formation and resistance against diseases. There are an array of herbal extracts in the product that are proven to give the user the needed complexes to achieve better sexual response through prolonged erection and better ejaculatory control.
Penile size enhancement in ExtenZe® is achieved due to the synergistic action of the precursor hormones in the product. DHEA and pregnenolone which are precursors for androgens aid in the development of secondary male sexual characteristic that includes penile size. Additionally, there are amino acids in every tablet (L-arginine and GABA) which are building blocks of proteins and provide structure to muscles and that may include the penile muscular structure.
The next time you consider ways of giving yourself the “endowment” you deserve, consider the safer way to achieve it. Penile pumps pose more dangers than benefits, but ExtenZe® Male Enhancement Supplement provides safety and best of all, desired results. Moreover, this male enhancement supplement even gives your body some essential nutrients that would really help achieve your goals.