My name is Tommy. I wish to share a secret with you that enabled me to manage to keep up with my much younger wife.

I am starting to get on in years so my libido had slowed down quite substantially and quite frankly with a wife who is just over 10 years my junior, my waning libido was starting to pose a problem. I had just turned fifty while my wife is in her late thirties and of course she is wanting just that little bit more than I was able to comfortably offer. My libido had been used up.

We lead a fairly busy and stressful life so it is hard to say what happened and how we managed to slip from a multiple sex per day routine down to a once a month routine. While business and stress were blamed mostly, one of the sad facts that I had to come to terms with is that I simply no longer had the libido and sexual drive that I used to have.

Well I took the plunge and ordered Male Extra libido enhancer which I read about where a guy claimed he had heard it was the way porn star guys got so big. I had absolutely nothing to lose as I took advantage of the 90 day Risk free trial with the thought that if I have not seen a drastic improvement within 60 days I will simply send it back and get a full refund.

My thoughts were, “if it works then it is great, but if it does not then I am sending it straight back and will get my money back.” With this in mind I ordered the full 12 month package which worked out to a mere $31 per month.

My parcel arrived and I must say that the package was extremely discreet so I had no embarrasment at all when collecting it from our postal service. They had no clue as to the contents.

Well I started taking all the pills and went through all the other bonuses that were included. As my main concern was my libido and the possibility of impending impotence due to the occasions that I really battled to get an erection, I concentrated on using the Forskolin pills combined with the penis exercises supplied by ED pills. I did also take the Performer 5 tablets to increase semen volume as they were there for free and it simply involved taking an extra pill.

Well I must say that my first week was hectic business wise and so time was not on my side. There was no real time for any hanky panky and so I can’t really say if the pills started to work after the first couple of days like they said they would. I do know that I was feeling more sexual than usual and often had to pull my thoughts back to work related issues though.

I did however make some time available to start the penis exercises that were provided free by Penis Health. The exercises were fairly straight forward and were not time consuming. After getting the hang of them in 2 or 3 days I was easily able to fit them straight into my busy routine.

The Morning Glory Was Back.

Well week 2 saw a drop in work and stress load and a sudden increase in home activity. I started waking with hard erections that lasted substantially longer than the normal infrequent erections I had become accustomed to waking with occassionally and which normally lasted for about a minute or two after I arose. These erections were suddenly harder and definitely lasted far longer, and they were there every single morning.

Sex went from Once a Month Back to a Daily Affair.

Well the rest of the story is fairly predictable. My erections were definitely far harder and easier to attain. Sex is now constantly on my mind and even though I have not returned to a sex multiple times a day scenario, I can say that it has improved from once a month to a daily affair again.

One thing I can say is that my libido and sex life is back. I feel like a healthy young man again and am easily able to keep up with the sexual demands of my wife who is also enjoying the sex more as with the help from the penis exercises I have learnt to control my ejaculations and so now I wait until she has experienced at least two orgasms before I allow myself to ejaculate. She is always smiling now.

Better Orgasms and more volume.

Talking about ejaculations, I have realised that I am ejaculating a lot more semen and the orgasm is just so much more intense and lasts much longer. It seems to be filling her up until it flows out of her.

My Penis Grew by 2.25 Inches in 5 Months.

I was slightly smaller than i wanted to be down there. In fact I was 5.5″ erect and my girth was 4.75″. Although I wanted to mainly boost my libido, secretly I was hoping that my penis would get a bit bigger as well. No! In reality I really wanted to be porn sized.

My wife has made me stop making my penis bigger now as she is saying that it is getting too big for her comfort, but boy does she go wild in bed now. I really do not need to ask her if she enjoyed it anymore.

By the way, I have also gone from being a three minute guy to about 25 to 30 minutes at a time now. I can’t tell you enough about how great it is to be able to last so long before cumming. Sex has never been so good for me.

I must say that this small investment that I made, of only $31 per month, is the best investment I have ever made. These are the sort of returns that you really look for in a solid investment. More sex and better sex – not to mention the extra confidence I have.